Jacquie Knott

Hi,  I’m Jacquie.

I’ve been sewing professionally in Palo Alto for over 30 years. Many of my customers have been with me the whole time. I’ve grown up with their families and now “the kids” bring me their custom sewing too!

I learned dressmaking in the “old school.”  We start with an excellent fitting, to make sure it’s right for your figure. I consult with you on fabrics and materials, to help you decide what’s right for you. Then I do excellent work that can last a lifetime.

Your heirloom wedding dress needs tailoring? Call for an appointment.

Want a copy of your favorite garment? We can recreate it.

Has your figure been changing? Come see me or schedule a home visit about resizing your wardrobe.

Looking for a perfect fit in those designer jeans? Local boutiques rely on me to re-create the original stitching.  You can too.


At Jacquie’s Sew and Sew an alteration is not just a fitting. In addition to over 30 years experience, I have trained with Carla Mathis of Body Beautiful, one of only eight Certified Image Masters in the world.

What I learned with Carla has been amazing. I have studied in depth, line, shape, proportion, color and texture. I have refined my skills and greatly increased my depth of knowledge.

With every fitting at Jackquie’s Sew and Sew you receive an image consultation. Together we consider not only current trends but also what is appropriate for your body.

Every body deserves a proper fit.  For both men and women, it gives me great satisfaction to take a dress or suit right off the rack and make it uniquely yours.

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